AbilScan Software

AbilScan Client software is designed to get the most out of AbilScan family scanners

It has a touch-friendly interface and works almost everywhere, it is possible to use the same familiar interface in Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

AbilScan Client guides users through enrollment process and thanks to a bunch of checking and correction procedures greatly reduces capture errors and failures and simplifies acquisition process

Behind the scenes AbilScan Client does a lot of work ensuring only the best possible palm/finger impressions are captured


Incomplete shot list of such behind-the-scenes functions contains:

  • Real-time image quality check
  • Autocapture based on image quality analisys
  • Capture of rolled finger impressions
  • Halo effect elimination
  • Segmentation of multiple finger slaps into separate single fingerprint images
  • WSQ and JPEG2000 compression
  • ANSI-NIST-ITL 1-2011 data preparation and transmission