What We Do

We create precise, reliable and affordable biometric livescan systems that can be used in the most exacting domains, such as law enforcement, border control and access to critical infrastructure.

Being experts in creating advanced biometric products we can provide you with a full range of biometrics‑related services including market research, product design and development, volume production and system integration.

Our Hardware

World’s best combination of weight, dimensions and power consumption of our scanners make it possible to use biometric identification anywhere. There is no need in bulky cases/computers/keyboards etc.

All AbilScan family products have no moving parts and provide protection from ingress of dust and water up to IP65.

Our Software

We provide biometric data acquisition software that has a touch-friendly interface and works almost everywhere. It is possible to use the same familiar interface in Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Advanced features like automatic fingerprint segmentation, image quality check, left/right hand determination and finger sequence checking greatly reduce capture errors and failures and simplify capture process.

How To Contact Us


German office
Abilma GmbH
Schlossplatz 1-2
08648, Bad Brambach
Phone: +49 37 438 21 727
Fax: +49 37 438 21 728